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Find out how to sell your house or flat by auction. Our useful guides provide information about the costs, timings and pros & cons of selling a property at auction in the UK.

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For many homeowners the task of selling a property occurs just once or twice in a lifetime. So it can be difficult to know what method of sale will achieve the best result. Choosing the right method of sale is important – it can make the difference between selling quickly for the best price, or enduring months of frustration ending in no sale at all. If you’re considering selling a property at auction, we can help you make an informed decision about the suitability of an auction sale for your own circumstances and property type.

Costs for selling at auction

Selling at auction costs less than you might think. Sales commission is around the same as you would expect to pay an estate agent, only payable when your property successfully sells. And it may be possible to pass some of your costs to the buyer. Read more…

How much does it cost to sell your house at auction?
FAQ's when selling your house at auction

Frequently asked questions

If you’re weighing up your options and need help deciding whether to sell through an estate agent or at auction, then you might find our auction FAQ’s to be useful. Read more…

Timescales for selling at auction

When selling a property at auction, the total lead time from initial consultation with the auctioneer to completion of sale is around 8 weeks. That’s 4+ weeks in the run up to the auction and 3 to 4 weeks from auction day until completion. We’ve provided a timeline showing the procedure counting down to, and the period following auction, which can be useful as a checklist. 

Benefits of selling your house at auction

Benefits of an auction sale

Transparent & competitive bidding ensures the highest final sale price, as multiple buyers compete to purchase your property at auction. And the sale is final! Unlike an estate agency sale where everything’s subject to contract, or the buyer changing their mind. Read more…

What is a reserve price?

There’s no upper limit to sale prices at auction, but fortunately there is a lower limit – and that’s known as the reserve price. Your home will not be allowed to sell for any less than the agreed reserve price. Read more…
Reserve price estimate when selling your house at auction

Example auction property sales

Any property can be sold at auction, but some property types sell better than others. In fact some properties achieve higher sale prices at auction compared to selling through an estate agent, for example unmodernised homes or properties with potential for development always generate a high level of demand and benefit from the competitive bidding environment that auction offers. Read more…
Sell your house at auction - help and tips

Auction sale tips

The process for selling a property at auction is straightforward. But to achieve the best result at auction, preparation is key. Take a look at our tips and advice how to prepare for a successful auction sale and ensure you achieve the best price on auction day. Read more…

Customer reviews

We help property owners make an informed decision about the suitability of an auction sale for their own circumstances. And if auction is the right option, we offer the guidance to help achieve the best results. Our customer reviews demonstrate how effective we are. Read more...

Auction Link Reviews
What types of property can be sold at auction?

Any property can be sold at auction. Houses in poor condition sell particularly well, because unlike estate agency sales buyers are not allowed to reduce their offers at auction. Read more…

Can I sell a tenanted property at auction?

Tenanted houses and flats achieve very good prices at auction, there’s no shortage of investors looking for properties that are generating an income from day one. Read more…

Can I sell a probate property at auction?

Public auction is well suited for the sale of inherited/probate properties because executors need to prove a fair and transparent sale to achieve the best possible price. Read more…

Our quick auction sale guide explains the seven stages to consider when selling your property at auction. Read more…
7 stages of selling a house by auction
Selling a property at auction costs less than most people think, in fact it can be cheaper than selling through an estate agent. Read more…
Find out how to save on auction fees for a cost-effective and successful auction sale.

The Reserve Price

When selling your house at auction you will need to agree to a reserve price which is the minimum price your property will be allowed to sell for. Read more…
what is an auction reserve price
We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions about selling property at auction in the UK. Read more…

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