London Property Auction Dates: November and December 2022

Looking to sell your London house by auction in 2022? Check out the upcoming London property auction dates for November and December 2022.

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London Property Auctions: November and December 2022

Selling London home by auction - November and December 2022

Updated by: Mark Grantham on  5th October 2022

Get ready to sell your home by auction in November and December 2022. Check out the upcoming London property auction dates listed below. Please note: Auctioneers sometimes make changes to their auction dates at late notice, so please check dates directly with the auction company.

Plan ahead: the deadline for entries to auction is typically 1 month before auction day.

London Property Auctions in November 2022

01/11/2022 – Allsop (Commercial) Auctions
02/11/2022 – Clive Emson (Kent & SE London)
03/11/2022 – Acuitus Auctions
03/11/2022 – Allsop (Residential) Auctions
03/11/2022 – Network Auctions
03/11/2022 – Harman Healy Auctions
15/11/2022 – Connect UK Auctions
16/11/2022 – Barnard Marcus Auctions
24/11/2022 – Savills Auctions
30/11/2022 – Town & Country Property Auctions

London Property Auctions in December 2022

07/12/2022 – Auction House London
08/12/2022 – McHugh & Co Auctions
08/12/2022 – Allsop (Commercial) Auctions
08/12/2022 – Network Auctions
08/12/2022 – Harman Healy Auctions
13/12/2022 – Strettons Auctions
14/12/2022 – Clive Emson (Kent & SE London)
14/12/2022 – Savills Auctions
15/12/2022 – Barnett Ross Auctions
15/12/2022 – Acuitus Auctions
15/12/2022 – Allsop (Residential) Auctions
16/12/2022 – Town & Country Property Auctions
20/12/2022 – Barnard Marcus Auctions

To view a full schedule of upcoming London property auction dates, please visit: Upcoming London Property Auction Dates.

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