London Property Auction Dates

May & June 2021

Thinking of selling your house or flat before the Summer? Check out the London property auction dates for May & June 2021, and request a free sale price estimate for your property.

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London Auction Dates: May & June 2021

By Mark Grantham –  20th April 2021

There’s still time to complete on the sale of your property before the summer holidays. And to benefit from the Stamp Duty holiday too. If a buyer doesn’t have to pay Stamp Duty when purchasing your property, they may well bid that little bit higher!

London property auctioneers don’t just serve London, they serve all of the UK and might be better described as “national property auctions”.

Auction provides a reliable and hassle-free way to sell your property for a fair price. And for some types of property, the competitive bidding environment of an auction sale contributes to achieving sales prices well in excess of a private treaty (estate agent) sale.

Plan ahead: the deadline for entries to auction is typically about 1 month before auction day.

London Property Auctions in May 2021

05/05/2021 – Acuitus Auctions
05/05/2021 – Clive Emson (Kent & SE London)
06/05/2021 – Allsop (Commercial) Auctions
06/05/2021 – Auction House London
13/05/2021 – Allsop (Residential) Auctions
18/05/2021 – Barnard Marcus Auctions
26/05/2021 – Andrews & Robertson (now BidX1)
27/05/2021 – Barnett Ross Auctions
27/05/2021 – Network Auctions
27/05/2021 – Strettons Auctions

London Property Auctions in June 2021

02/06/2021 – Harman Healy Auctions 
02/06/2021 – Savills Auctions 
03/06/2021 – McHugh & Co Auctions 
14/06/2021 – Allsop (Commercial) Auctions 
15/06/2021 – Clive Emson (Kent & SE London) 
16/06/2021 – Auction House London 
22/06/2021 – Barnard Marcus Auctions
24/06/2021 – Allsop (Residential) Auctions 

To view a full schedule of upcoming London property auction dates, please visit: Upcoming London Property Auction Dates.

Thinking of selling your house at auction? Any type of property can be sold at auction, whether in good or poor condition. Call 0800 862 0206 for your free auction sale price estimate, or request a quick quote online.

London Property Auctions in May and June 2021

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