Should I Renovate my House Before Selling?

When selling a property in need of improvement, should I spend money on refurbishment works? Or leave the property as is, and let the new owner take care of improvements?

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Should I Carry Out Improvement Works Before Selling my House? – A guide for property owners. Should I Carry Out Improvement Works Before Selling my House at Auction?

5 Tips for Selling a Property Needing Renovation

If you’re considering carrying out works to your property before sale, be aware that most DIY’ers usually underestimate the cost of works. And even if you ask a builder to quote for the work, it might end up costing more by the end of the project. Take builder quotes with a pinch of sale. It can be sensible to add an extra 30% or more to the builders quote to estimate the final cost of work.
Properties in poor condition sell very well at auction. Builders and tradespeople are always on the lookout for projects, they need them to survive, it’s their bread and butter. Auction trade buyers compete to bid for your property, that’s how you know you’ve achieved the best price. Contracts are exchanged on auction day and the price cannot be reduced.
If traditional auction doesn’t suit your requirements you might like to consider modern auction, which is just like an estate agency sale, but the rules of an auction sale apply, so the buyer cannot back out of the sale or change their mind. Contact us for more information.
We talk to a lot of executors and beneficiaries of inherited properties, who have been offered very low prices by property investors. Often being told the property has serious problems, when it doesn’t! Don’t be in an undue hurry to sell. You might find your property is worth more than you thought!

When selling a house needing renovation, the best method of sale is by auction. A property finds it top price at auction through the process of competitive and transparent bidding. The rules of an auction sale mean that a prospective buyer cannot reduce their offer by haggling on the cost of renovations works etc.

Embarking on a refurbishment project can seem exciting, especially if it’s your first project. The learning most people have is to hire a builder and tradesmen, rather than do the work yourself. Give some serious thought to how much time you will have available? Will the new project fit in with all your other personal tasks and responsibilities?
Renovate Before Selling
Should I Carry Out Improvement Works Before Selling my House at Auction?

Should I Carry Out Improvement Works Before Selling my House at Auction?

Should I Carry Out Improvement Works Before Selling my House at Auction?

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Carry Out Improvement Works Before Selling ?

Carry Out Improvement Works Before Selling?

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