How to sell a house in a difficult market

During times of uncertainty, house sales are more likely to fall through. Even the best estate agent in the world can’t stop a buyer changing their mind about a potential purchase if they can no longer afford to proceed. Read our tips on how to keep your house sale on track, and why auction offers a more reliable way to sell your home.

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How to sell a house in difficult market conditions

By Mark Grantham –  2nd July 2020

Here at Auction Link, over the past few weeks we’ve heard most property owners tell us they’ve decided to hold off selling their home until things get back to a more normal way of life. This is understandable. And we’re offering some tips on how to improve your chances of selling in a difficult market, see below for details.

But if you are in a position to sell now, we recommend you get cracking. We believe there’s a short window of opportunity to sell now, before stock begins to pile up in the market. When an increase in repossessions and motivated sellers come to the market, prices will fall even further. Before you know it, you’re chasing a falling market. If previous economic cycles are anything to go by the fall in house prices gathers pace over time.

How to sell my home in a difficult market?  There’s no doubt of tough times ahead in the property market. If you’re planning on selling your property in the next few years, you might find our house sale tips helpful.

How to keep your house sale on trackread our tips.

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